ASL Glee Club to showcase sixth annual Christmas performance

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Pre-sale tickets can be purchased for $8.

By Huguette Buduri

The ASL Glee Club will showcase its sixth annual Christmas performance 6-7 p.m. Dec. 1 in the auditorium of McAllister Fine Arts Center.

American Sign Language Instructor Julie Razuri said the holiday show will pay tribute to both Christmas and Hanukkah, with the group doing musical performances.

“This show is really neat for me always because it has to be equally accessible for people who are deaf and people who are not deaf,” Razuri said. “We need to make it lively and fun for the people who can hear all music, visually and friendly for deaf people.”

There will be 20 acts in the show.

“There will be two entries in the show, and the first one is laser lights and the second one is dancing lights,” Razuri said.

The club is is composed of students enrolled in SLNG 1206, Interpreting in Artistic Texts.

“Those are the students that are predominantly in the show,” Razuri said. “The Gleek Squad is invited back to help with show because they have taken the course before and know how the process works.”

The Gleek Squad fills in when the Glee Club needs help, such as with practice, and add to the cast.

Razuri said the crew started preparing and practicing for the show in July. There are 32 students performing in the sixth annual Christmas show.

The event is open to families. Christmas cartoons will be playing in the auditorium before the show. Coloring pages and glow sticks will be available for children.

“The sixth Christmas annual performance is not about raising money; it is about bringing the community together and not about making profit for the show,” Razuri said.

After the show, all the characters from the show, including Santa Claus, will be available for photos in the lobby.

Pre-sale tickets are $8 and at the door $10. Admission is free for children 12 and under.

For more information, call Razuri at 210-486-1120 or email her at  


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