Study pods installed to help students as pilot project

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More will be installed in each building if reaction from students is positive, according to the vice president of college services.

By Jason Durant

The office of college services set up and installed two study pods on campus Nov. 8 for a trial period to determine if they aid students in studies.

One is on the second floor of the Moody Learning Center in the lobby, and the other is on the first floor of the nursing and allied health complex, also located in the lobby.

The pods are manufactured by Framery Quality Management and were installed as a pilot program.

The pods are outfitted with sheet metal, birch plywood, recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt. The acoustic felt is what gives the spaces a soundproof effect.

There are USB and phone connections available to charge devices.

The trial program is to see students’ reaction.

“If we receive good enough feedback, we anticipate installing one in each building if possible,” Dr. Stella Lovato, vice president of college success, said Nov. 14 in a phone interview.

The pods are not at any other college in the district.

They were placed on campus to determine if students will use them and if they will improve students’ ability to study, she said.

A reservation is not required to use the pods.

The study pods are to be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

“I think it’s a pretty cool idea,” accounting sophomore Miguel Cuetos said while inside the pod in the nursing complex.

“My phone was about to die, and I also had a ton of homework to do, so when I came across this pod, I discovered I was able to charge both my phone and laptop at the same time.

“The seats in this are way better than the hard seats in the library,” he said with a laugh.

The pod in Moody is a one-seater and has a door that provides soundproofing.

The pod in the complex provides two seats but does not have a door.

“I wish the pod in this building had the doors. It’s kind of pointless without them,” Cuetos said.

“I think it’s wonderful to have these spaces available where students can have a quiet, focused time to study,” Librarian Kelly Drismeyer said. “The idea of having a quiet space nowadays is a hard commodity to find. I hope our students will value the spaces.”

Along with the pods, the library offers study rooms to reserve for free.

The second floor of the library offers group rooms that can fit up to eight people and include a printer, whiteboard and projector.

For more information or to give feedback, call Lovato at 210-486-0903 or Drismeyer at 210-486-0554.


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