EDUC 1300 develops good habits, coordinator says

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Some senior colleges accept the course for transfer students.

By Julian Gonzales

EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, gets students prepared to do college-level work, and it’s not just the work that’s helping students, the coordinator said Feb. 5.

“It’s the habits, the test-taking and the paper writing strategies that students need to know how to do in order to be successful,” Julie Engel said Feb. 5.

What is taught in the course is how to use ACES and Canvas and how to find the Alamo GPS system to track degree plans.

“Students will have to summarize peer-reviewed journal articles, and there will also career projects where they research a career,” Engel said.

In the spring semester there are about 44 sections of EDUC 1300 and 10 sections for student development courses.

This semester there are also about 790 students enrolled in EDUC 1300 and 120 students enrolled in student development courses.

Students entering the college with fewer than 15 credit hours are required to take EDUC 1300 or SDEV 0170, College Success; SDEV 0171, Strategies for Success; or SDEV 0370, Foundations for College Learning.

“It does depend on the test level and whether not their going for an associate or their certificate,” Engel said

This course is also helps students develop the mental perspective of being ready for college, she said.

“It’s how you think about it and the behavior side where you develop those behaviors into being a successful student,” Engel said.

EDUC 1300 is a college-level course that will transfer to some senior colleges, she said.

Engel said about 75 percent of the credits from the courses transfer.

At the beginning of the course, some students tend to get discouraged or don’t really get the point of the course, she said.

Near the end, many students think the course was worthwhile, she said.

“What we’ve heard back from the students is, yes, the students feel that the course has helped them,” Marina Villanueva, senior specialist for student success, said Feb. 5.

She said a Travis Early College High School freshman told her the course “gives me the resources to be successful in college.”

In the spring, freshmen in the Travis early college program take EDUC 1300.

For more information, call student development at 210-486-0340.


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