Move-in date for new district support offices delayed

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The third story of the new district support offices on 2222 N. Alamo has an outdoor terrace looking over the ampitheater. Lionel Ramos

Several Alamo Colleges support operations offices in Bexar County will be sold after the move to the new facility.

By Lionel Ramos

The expected move-in date for the $55 million district support offices has been postponed from March to May or June because of inclement weather said John Strybos, associate vice chancellor of facilities, during a phone interview Feb. 15.

Strybos said there is not yet a cost associated with the change of date, nor are any of the employees who are to move there adversely affected.

The website,, is designated to update the public, but the information is dated when it comes to the progress of the construction.

The last update on the progress was posted Jan. 31.

Strybos said the lack of quick updates on the new DSO page has to do with problems surrounding the district’s main website.

“We re-did the webpage last summer, and there continue to be an onset of challenges with the webpage,” he said.

The third story for the new District Support Offices on 2222 N. Alamo Street is filled with modular furniture. Modular furniture can be adjusted for size, shape and location by detaching pieces and reorginizing them. The move-in date for the offices has been postponed from March to May or June because of inclement weather. Lionel Ramos

The website does mention surplus district buildings around Bexar County that are to be sold, however, the prices and the buyers are protected under state law until the transaction is made, Strybos said.

“The lease purchase and exchange of real property is one of those items that is protected by state law, and so, when we do sell them, it will become public,” he said.

Despite the final prices and sales being protected until finalized, the addresses and their respective appraisal values have been reported in the Alamo Colleges District’s Sale of Surplus Improved Real Property notice, published Aug. 13, 2018.

The locations and their appraised values are: 811 W. Houston St., $2,800,000; 7980-7990 Pat Booker Road Complex, $2,700,000; and 8300 Pat Booker Road Complex, $7,200,000.

A property 201 W. Sheridan St. was not listed on the notice but is expected to be sold.

The appraisal value is $2,400,000 according to past Ranger reporting.

Every building considered surplus must be voted on and approved by the board of trustees.

The new DSO complex will consist of five three-story buildings with second floor connecting walkways, a dividable conference room with space for 300 individuals and an employee hub, which includes a wellness center, UPS store and large lunchroom.


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