Kinesiology Club plans Backyard Beast

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Business sophomore Spencer Watson does two sets of 20 rope slams Feb. 27 in kinesiology Instructor Dawn Brooks’ physical conditioning class in Candler. After the two sets, Watson and his partner had to run from Candler to West Dewey. Brianna Rodrigue

Club seeks to challenge community to improve fitness through a grueling fitness competition.

By Alberto Ramirez

On April 5, the Kinesiology Club will host the Backyard Beast, an extreme fitness team competition held every semester since the 2001-02 academic year, Coach Linda Casas said Feb. 26.

The competition requires four-person teams. At least one member of each team has to be a student, faculty or staff at one of the Alamo Colleges, club adviser and kinesiology Instructor Dawn Brooks said Feb. 21.

There are divisions for men, women and mixed teams.

The competition will be in the college’s original parking garage east of Chance Academic.

The competition will begin with teams running from the top to the bottom level.

Then teams will work their way back up to the roof of the garage, completing challenges at each of the five levels of the garage.

The challenges include rowing a set distance on a rowing machine and carrying a 150-pound dummy, known as a buddy carry.

Other events are rope slams, box jumps, tire flips and medicine ball tosses.

Four teams at a time will race in 30-minute time slots with members of the K-Club shadowing them to keep score.

Roxanne Barrera, a workforce development support specialist training for the event, said, “Finishing is an accomplishment in itself.”

Pre-nursing sophomore Chelsea Keeble performs a T-plank with a 10-pound weight Feb. 27 in Candler. Keeble said her least favorite activity is running in kinesiology Instructor Dawn Brooks’ physical conditioning class. Brianna Rodrigue

Casas completed the Backyard Beast last semester to celebrate her retirement, She was the facility manager for Candler Physical Education Center until she retired Jan. 31.

She has since returned to volunteer as a coach in a faculty fitness class and to assist with a physical conditioning class whose students are required to compete in the fitness competition as part of their final grade.

Although she has begun training with competing in mind, she will continue to volunteer her time to help students, faculty and staff reach their fitness goals.

The teams with the best times in each division will be announced at an awards ceremony 12:30 p.m. April 5 on the top floor of the parking garage.

According to an event flyer, chicken fajita tacos, sausage wraps, a variety of fruits, water and sports drinks will be provided on the top floor of the garage.

Food will be for competitors and spectators.

“This is meant as a family event, too,” Brooks said.

The cost to register is $20 per person or $15 with a military ID.

Full team payment is required to reserve a time slot.

Registration forms can be picked up in Room 131A of Candler.

Registration deadline is March 29.

For more information, call Chrystal Gutierrez, administrative assistant, at 210-486-1010 or Professor Martha Stephenson at 210-486-1022.


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