College is easy with use of support and resources

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Liberal arts Sophomore Janie Medelez

A lack of money, motivation and support resources are some of the obstacles higher education students will run into.

As a nontraditional student myself, I can relate to the

But I’ve seen how the services and support for students have improved through the years.

I decided to continue my education in 2001, and after attending for three years, I took a break.

I returned in fall 2015 and will graduate this fall.

As my journey is coming to a close, I’ve come to appreciate the help and support services I could rely on the last couple of years.

One of the recent changes implemented that had a huge impact on me was the transfer advising guides.

Before the TAGs, or transfer advising guides, I felt like I was throwing mud up against the wall and
hoping that the classes I signed up for were the right ones and I wasn’t wasting time.

This tool became beneficial, giving me a clear
picture of where I was going, how I was going to get there and the exact time frame I would reach the finish line. It provided all the motivation I needed.

Today’s students can take advantage of the services ranging from tutoring, self-help handouts in PDF form, IT support, short-term loan equipment, study pods and student scholarships.

The student learning assistance center on the seventh floor of Moody Learning Center provides free tutoring.

I took every opportunity to make use of the free tutoring services when it came to my algebra and astronomy classes.

The SLAC lab offers tutoring on a variety of subjects — accounting, astronomy, biology and

Tutoring services are by appointment only and can be scheduled by email at or calling 210-486-0165.

I remember computers were not as accessible on campus in 2001, and the tech support was nothing like today’s.

Students can check out computers and laptops at no charge in Room 710 of Moody, the walk-in service center of the office of technology services.

They can help with setting up your email on your mobile device, IT service consulting and other services.

There is also a self-checkout kiosk filled with laptops on the second floor of Moody by the Moody Café.

First-time users will have to create a passcode using a
student ID card and accept the terms and conditions.

Once that process is complete, the student can proceed with the checkout by swiping the student ID card. For more information, call 210-486-0030.

Also, the student advocacy center can help with emotional support and guidance, and the best part is, it’s free. For more information, call 210-486-1111.

Make your college experience easier and take advantage of the free services, scholarships, and
advisers and mentors.

Opportunities are all around us. Take notice of what is available and know you’re not alone.


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