New texting service has potential if implemented correctly

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The service should be used to improve alert messages.

The Two-Way Texting Solution, Alamo Colleges’ new texting system coming in the summer, which will allow students to text school offices, is a promising glimpse into greater practicality, but its success will be determined by its implementation.

Maintaining communication between students and the college can prove a challenge — about 20, 000 students are enrolled just at this college, each with questions requiring attention.

Convenience is king. A texting system can mitigate the hassle that comes with scheduling and attending appointments.

Email is a fine method of communication, but most faculty members won’t respond after business hours, and some students are slow to check their inbox.

Also, phone calls are going the way of the messenger pigeon among younger

Text messages do not interrupt activities the same way a phone call does.

Also, with the use of artificial intelligence, text messages would not be limited to business hours.

Artificial intelligence might also make it easier to contact a real person.

The service also can be a tool for student safety.

During a lockdown in January, students were notified to find shelter on campus via email and phone call, which means students wouldn’t get the memo unless they answered the phone, or just so happend to be looking at email.

It is nearly impossible to miss a text message because students tend to have their phones with them.

However, the colleges shouldn’t overuse this system.

Students should be the ones initiating conversation, unless they are being notified of an emergency, or something that is critical to their enrollment.

This is a chance to create streamlined communication, a step in the right direction to engage students.


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