Résumés, job applications topics at spring career fair

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Company representatives said they appreciate this college’s diversity.

By Isacc Tavares


Thirty-one company recruiters, administrators and managers came to a career fair March 27 in Loftin Student Center.

Between 150-170 students attended the once-a-semester event sponsored by the transfer and career center.

The career fair’s purpose is to connect students and employers seeking to fill part-time, full-time and seasonal jobs.

Jennifer Vazquez, transfer and career center coordinator, said that even if students are not interested in a particular job, it was good to see what steps students would need to take to get hired.

“It helps to create relationships and mentorships with those recruiters and to get more information on a company that students are interested in,” Vazquez said.

Nonprofit educational companies were also present hoping to recruit education majors.

“We love recruiting students from SAC due to the fact that there are so many students and such a diverse student body as well,” said Chris Filer, a hiring facilitator at the Kids Involvement Network.

“We are looking to hire students for the summer as full-time employees, also as counselors and chaperones for field trips,” Filer said.

“It would be a great opportunity for education majors to get some hands-on experience and build up skills with children before becoming teachers,” he said.

Kids Involvement Network is an after-school program for the North East Independent School District.

There were also jobs available in entertainment and performance art.

Stephanie Peña, hiring manager for 5-Star Event Services, a security and event staffing company that serves San Antonio, Austin and Houston, said, “We recently did South By Southwest, events at the Aztec Theater and some concerts.

“We’re looking for students who are going to be permanent part-time employees, working on their selected hours and days for 15-20 hours on those selected days,” Pena said.

Peña said to be hired,
students need background checks, must not have felony convictions, and misdemeanors must be at least five years old.   

The San Antonio Police Department was on campus at the fair looking for new recruits.

“I’ve been an SAPD officer for 11 glorious years,” SAPD officer Mike Garza said.

“It was definitely a dream come true to be serving such a diverse and friendly community,” he said. “Once hired you have to understand that this is not a job, it’s a career and it’s not for everyone. Due to a rigorous and intense academy, not everyone will graduate.”

Garza and SAPD came to the college and this district because of the number of students from different backgrounds that created diversity. Many students who went to the career fair dressed in business attire had résumés and had on-site interviews with potential employers.

Applications are usually something students are advised to fill out before they interview.

“When students ask ‘what’s the first thing I should do?’ when talking to me, I tell them to fill out an application,”
Kelly Randall, recruiter for Southwest Research Institute, said. “We want engineers,
electricians and anyone technical.

“I’m always looking to see how that applicant is dressed and their experience in the technical field.”

The transfer center will help students look for jobs by appointment and will use websites such as Glassdoor Jobs to see what options are available for the student’s specific

If students have questions about a job, call the transfer center at 210-486-1500.


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