Let’s not forget to care for our trees

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Report trees in poor shape to the facilities office.

Within the past two semesters, two full-grown trees — a 60-foot fern pine and a cedar elm of about 25 feet — fell in areas of the college where student traffic is heavy.

The fern pine fell in October on Dewey Place north of McCreless Hall.

Uprooted by its own weight, its trunk barely missed cars parked nearby. The branches grazed windows in across the street but broke none.

Similarly, the cedar elm, located west of Loftin Student Center, was damaged by storm winds in early April, causing its canopy to break, falling between Loftin Student Center and Gonzales Hall.

Just because it’s called an act of God, meaning insurance won’t cover physical damage, there’s no excuse for oversights.

While it is fortunate no injuries were reported in either incident, it does not mean a fatal accident couldn’t happen.

Groundskeepers should inspect trees around campus, particularly those in heavily trafficked areas, to keep students and personnel safe.

Perhaps volunteers from Sinkin Eco Centro, which has dedicated teams to improving the college’s landscaping, could help inspect the trees.

Everyone should report trees that are dead, dying or injured to facilities Director David Ortega at 210-486-1227. The office is at Dewey Place and Howard Street.

It’s important to take care of the trees on campus. They provide shade, shelter for wildlife and clean air.

Beyond helping maintain the beauty of the college, taking care of the trees also means keeping our campus safe.


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