Philosophy courses attract large enrollment

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Sci-fi movies touch on philosophical questions, professor said.

By Julian Gonzales

The philosophy program teaches about 1,500 students a semester.

“It’s a popular course, and we’ve maintain the same number of faculty over the years,” philosophy Professor Amy Whitworth said April 4.

Whitworth referred to PHIL 1301, Introduction to Philosophy and eight full-time faculty.

“Philosophy is the attempt to think clearly about important stuff,” philosophy Professor Richard Schoenig said March 19.

The important aspects in philosophy surround matters of morality, politics, reality and illusion, Schoenig said.

Introduction to Philosophy goes over these topics.

The other popular course in philosophy is PHIL 2306, Introduction to Ethics, Schoenig said.

The program also offers PHIL 2303, Introduction to Logic, and PHIL 1304, Introduction to World Religions.

“The value of studying these courses is that it can influence the world around you and make you be a thoughtful human being,” Schoenig said.

The program might get a ninth full-time faculty member in the fall because of enrollment, Schoenig said.

Enrollment has always been steady or “robust,” Schoenig said.

Texas State University and Catholic universities have philosophy requirements, so some students take philosophy at the college to save money and transfer credits to the universities, Schoenig said.

The four philosophy courses also are selections for the language, philosophy and culture section of this college’s core curriculum.

Nursing and allied health majors are required to take Introduction to Ethics.

Schoenig said sci-fi movies are interesting because they touch on philosophical questions.

Examples of some of the questions are covering the origin of everything and the possibility of time travel.

“Philosophy and literature have always been connected because you’ll have to find some truth,” Schoenig said.

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