SAC Republicans reviving organization after five-year hiatus from college

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Vice president hopes to attract members with diverse political views.

By Samantha Woodward

Students are reviving the SAC Republicans, which has not been active at this college for five years.

Vice President Eric Scheffler, computer science freshman, said the club is open to students with all political views.

Members staffed a table in the mall for one week to recruit others and host a raffle for a $30 gift card.

The club recruited 16 members in that week, he said.

The campus organization is associated with the Texas Federation of College Republicans and has contacts in the Bexar County Republican Party, he said.

“The SAC Republicans usually see a spike in membership during election years, but when elections are over, members phase out,” Scheffler said. “I felt like this will always be an issue, so I turned to the internet.”

Scheffler created a server on Discord, a popular social networking app, to send notifications for meetings.

Scheffler was the only member when he joined Feb. 20. The club was already registered with the office of student life.

According to student organization guidelines, Scheffler had to recruit at least nine more people to be active.

This college has had two registered political clubs in addition to the SAC Republications.

The SAC Democrats of San Antonio and Texas Rising at San Antonio have not been active for four years.

Political clubs do not usually open their group to every student, he said.

Members created a mission statement to show students of various political persuasions are invited to join.

The mission statement says the purpose of the club is to create and cultivate social change, break down division through discussion and maintain a government that only serves its citizens.

“If we only have certain people in our club, there won’t be any discussion so I’ve decided to open it up,” Scheffler said.

For example, anti-abortion rights students will have a platform to discuss issues.

Gavin Nelson, computer support specialist freshman, said in an interview April 8, “I decided to join because I actually felt like this is a club where I can actually express some of the issues going on today.”

Current topics up for discussion are anti-abortion issues, Trump 2020 and immigration.

He said society is beginning to censor itself depending on political views.

By doing that, we are creating cartoons of the other side,” Scheffler said.

Scheffler said if the club attracts a diverse group of people who would otherwise never talk to each other, this might eliminate stereotypes.

He gave an example of a Muslim author who wrote an article about why she does not date white men. “This woman let her political lens blind her to the truth that not all white men are the same,” Scheffler said.

The group has posters with QR codes around campus. Students can scan it with their smart phones to get information.

The location and time of the next meeting have not been determined, but students interested in attending can call Scheffler at 704-221-6576.


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