Classic and custom cars on display at Fredstock

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A custom 1946 Chevrolet pickup truck is on display during Fredstock music festival April 26 in the parking lot of Travis Early College High School. Five classic and custom cars were displayed by Alamo City Rod. The car show was part of the Fredstock music festival where all music business students coordinated the event for their final grades. Samantha Woodward

Alamo City Rods car club celebrated its 50 th anniversary.

By Samantha Woodward

A former student of this college who inherited 22 classic cars from her father coordinated the first car show at this college’s annual Fredstock concert April 26.

Kelly Hurst coordinated the car show with Alamo City Rods.

Alamo City Rods celebrated its 50-year anniversary and has over 100 members.

Custom and classic cars included a custom red Chevy 1965 C10, classic black 1931 Plymouth Model U, custom blue 1935 Ratrod, custom black 1929 Ford Model A and custom maroon 1946 Chevy pickup.

Custom cars are vehicles that have been altered with after-market accessories to improve their performance and appearance.

The cars were shown in the parking lot of Travis Early College High School across Courtland Place from the festival.

Fredstock is an annual music festival produced by music business students.

The event is in honor of Fred Weiss, founder of the music business program.

Hurst took summer classes here in 1984 and graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

She later took paralegal studies here.

She now grows heirloom tomatoes on a micro farm in Helotes, which she markets to restaurants. Working with cars is her hobby.

She fell in love with cars after being around her father’s collection.

“My dad, Chuck Hurst, had a very big collection and wanted me to be a teacher. Now look at me … I love cars,” Hurst said.

She wants to see more women in the industry because woman are under-represented in that field, she said.

“I would love to see more women in the car collecting and automotive industry. I have a friend who taught a class on three-ring engine building. It’s just great to hear about,” Hurst said.

Music business Adjunct Julie Good told Hurst about the event.

“Julie Good told me about the music festival and I could fit 40 cars in the show. I know when Los #3 dinners come to stage, you’ll start seeing a lot more cars. They are collectors as well,” Hurst said.

Hurst knows Alamo City Rods from past events.

Mario Blaquiz, member of Alamo City Rods, showcased his 1946 Chevy pickup.

Blaquiz has been working on his Chevy for 10 years.

“It took me some time to reconstruct my ride, but it was all worth it,” he said

He replaced the engine, transmission, axle and frame.

Blaquiz added an air conditioner and power steering. He also made his vehicle automatic, he said.

“I know I’ve already put in a lot of work and money into my ride, but I can already see I need to touch up the body paint,” he said.

Blaquiz and other members returned from Austin last weekend where the club was signed up to showcase their cars at Lone Star Round-up, a national show in existence since 1963.

“Believe it or not, our vehicles can keep up with traffic,” he said.

Classic cars are usually made custom because of road regulations, he said.

“Some of us modify our classic cars so they can keep up with the speed limit,” he said. “Living in Texas, most of us add air conditioners to our vehicle.”

Alamo City Rods will be in Corpus Christi 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m. May 24-26 for the Coastal A’s Rod at the Holiday Inn, 5549 Leopard St.


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