The Buddy System performs at Fredstock

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The Buddy System bassist Max Garcia, vocalist RB Arredondo, drummer Leo Olivares and guitarist Greg Galindo performs at Fredstock music festival April 26 at the parking lot 7, east of Longwith. The group performed The Cure’s “Lovesong” and eight other cover songs by various artists. Samantha Woodward

Local vendors and clubs managed booths to show support and make money at the annual festival.

By Samantha Woodward

Fredstock, the annual music festival sponsored by the music business program, brought bands and vendors selling food, drinks and products to campus April 26 in Lot 7 east of Longwith Radio, Television and Film Building.

The festival honors the late Fred Weiss, founder of the music business program. This this is the second year the music festival was officially a Fiesta San Antonio event.

The Buddy System went on stage at 1:30 p.m.

They played cover songs from various artists like Tonic’s “Drinking Problem,” Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” and Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back.”

The band consist of a network of 11 friends,” Greg Galindo bassist and back up vocalist said on May 3.

“It sort of like a little network of friends that all play together, but all perform at different times and location depending on scheduling, Galindo said.

The band has been playing together for six years.

“Our only hope is to keep doing what we love, no matter what. As long as we are having fun, that’s all that matters.” he said.

Other bands that performed are Fest Gates Open, Blue Sundries, Bad Boys, Los #3 Dinners, Funkasaurus Tex and Henry Brun & the Latin Player.

There were booths set up selling merchandise and food.

Gabby Mandragon, owner of Lady Picoza, was selling nachos, tortas, mini tacos, quesadillas and burritos. Lady Picoza sells Mexican cuisine from her food truck.

Mandragon heard about the music festival through Rudy Rubio III, music business sophomore, one of the students in charge of promoting Fredstock.

“I was at St. Philip’s last weekend. This weekend I’m here and next weekend I’ll be at Northwest Vista,” Mandragon said.

This was her first year at Fredstock, but she has been serving Alamo Colleges for seven years, she said.

Whenever there is an event for colleges around San Antonio, she signs up to sell her food.

“I heard last year all the food trucks sold out, and I figured I would come help out and have some fun,” Mandragon said.

Laura Evans, administrator at Trinity United Methodist School, was recruited by Rubio as well.

Children were able to get their face painted by her daughter.

The children were able to make art and crafts at the booth sponsored by the early childhood center.

“I’m always around children and I heard they need help, so I came to volunteer,” she said.

Evans helps organize and coordinate summer camps for preschool and kindergarten students.

Teresea Johnson, owner of Triple S Soaps, had a booth selling organic soap and bath bombs.

She decided to create this business four years ago because of her grandson.

“My grandson was allergic to everything,” Johnson said.

“I came up with this business and made a soap called Just for Him in honor of my grandson,” Johnson said.

Johnson saw this event posted online an decided to give it a try, she said.

Alamo Botanicals sold plant-based health and wellness products.

David Burrow, CEO of Alamo Botanicals, founded this company two years ago because he suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“I started this business because cannabidiol (CBD) has helped me really focus and has improved my quality of life,” Burrows said.

CBD is an extract of flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants

He also sold a serum used for migraines, stress and anxiety.

Lotions help with inflammation and oils helps with acne, he said.

The Cheshyre Cheese Club sold donated books.

Tobin Lofts set up a game called Corn Ball and gave away merchandise promoting the student housing on campus.

Final calculations of the crowd size are not in yet.


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