Men can be victims of domestic violence, too

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Regarding “Wear It On Your Sleeve will call attention to relationship violence,” by Jon Hernandez, published Oct. 1., while the event itself is very thoughtful and creative in means of spreading awareness of domestic violence, I fear that there may not be enough awareness spread about men who experience domestic violence.

I understand that, statistically, women are more likely to experience domestic violence, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t raise more awareness to men stuck in violent relationships.

Men are often too embarrassed or scared of the response they might get if they choose to report because of the stigma that society has created against men being victims of domestic violence.

When most people think of domestic violence, they think of the woman as the victim and the man as the attacker.

But many people forget about same-sex relationships in which the attacker and victim are both male or female.

It’s important for us to spread awareness to the different kinds of relationships that domestic violence is seen in and the different kinds of victims that experience domestic violence.

Nicole Penilla

Social work freshman


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