Scholarships span generations

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By Katelyn Earhart

The League of United Latin American Citizens Parent/Child Scholarship is helping not only relieve the financial stress of individuals gaining an education but the future college education of a child as well.

The LULAC scholarship offers $1,000 for the parent who is attending SAC and two free years of college for one of their children, 6-years-old or younger.

The start of this scholarship impact on Crystal Escobales’ life happened in 2008 and continues to impact her life both as a student and as a mother.

Escobales started off her time in San Antonio, after living in Mexico for most of her life, as a server in a Mexican restaurant. Her connections at the restaurant led her to the Guadalupe Community Center where she earned her GED.


She wanted to continue her education at San Antonio College, but immediately felt overwhelmed.

The first day she arrived on campus she had this preconceived notion the community college campus was only a few buildings wide, so she was in complete shock when she saw this “huge town” and had no idea where to go.

Although it took some walking around aimlessly, Escobales eventually got the hang of it.

She started attending some English as a second language, or ESL, classes and paid for the entire semester out of pocket because she was unaware of options available to her.

During this time, Escobales was pregnant with her son.

After her first semester, Escobales met a woman named Bertha Castellanos, an adviser at the empowerment center.

Castellanos explained all of the resources available to Escobales at the center and in the community.

Castellanos’ resources were not just for Escobales’ academic needs but for her personal life as well.

One of the resources was the LULAC scholarship.

This scholarship requires the student to complete an application and write an essay.

Escobales said her winning the scholarship was exciting but the fact that they chose her essay, from a non-native English speaker, gave her the confidence boost she needed.

Before Escobales received this scholarship, she was contemplating leaving school to get a full-time job. 

After the scholarship, she knew she had to graduate with her degree to secure the scholarship money for her son.

This scholarship gave Escobales the extra motivation she needed that changed her life forever.

Escobales’ now has her master’s degree in English as a second language and is employed at the writing center at this college.

Her son is 11 years-old and loves to learn.

“He likes to learn a lot about animals, dinosaurs, animal behavior and the environment.” Escobales says.

For more information about the LULAC scholarship, email


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