Dance classes offer creativity, coordinator says

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Kinesiology sophomore Julie Inpeng leads dance rehearsal for the freshman dance performance Oct. 31 in the dance studio of Candler. Their rehearsal consisted of practicing routines for their Dec. 6 show in McAllister. Noah Alcala Bach

“Works In Progress” performance is scheduled Dec. 6.

By Linda Owens

Experienced, intermediate or beginning dancers who love to use their body movements to create are encouraged to register for spring classes, Coordinator George Ann Simpson said Oct. 23.

Registration for the spring semester begins Nov. 11.

A variety of classes are offered in the dance program — ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, ballroom and world dance.

“Dance classes are all performance-based,” she said.

In addition, two choreography classes, DANC 1201, Dance Composition Improvisation, and DANC 1301, Dance Composition Choreography, teach students to create dance moves. These students do choreography for performances by students in the program.

Students who study dance will find employment in television, stage and musicals, according to information in the course of study on the college website.

“All credits are transferable to most of the four-year universities,” Simpson said. “DANC 2303, Dance Appreciation, is a fine arts option for students across all majors who enjoy dancing but are not interested in performing.”

“Some students panic and don’t want to go on stage,” Simpson said. “If students are curious and don’t wish to perform, then dance appreciation is always an option.”

Texas State University, University of Houston and the University of Texas at Austin have degrees in dance and are the most popular for transfers from this college, she said.

The culmination of the fall semester is a production “Works in Progress,” a public rehearsal for the dance production in May, Simpson said.

“All classes and techniques will be featured in the production,” she said.

The production will be at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 6 in the auditorium of McAllister Fine Arts Center.

“There will not be any costumes for the production. Costumes are reserved for the production in the spring of 2020,” Simpson said.

The date for that production has not been determined, she said.

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