Check out options here before signing up for a trade school

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A well-rounded education is important in all fields.

Trade careers are in demand now, but there is a lack of interest because historically these jobs were lower paid dirty jobs with few benefits.

Journalism Sophomore Linda Owens

This rationale comes from a news story Nov. 18 from television station WIFR in Loves Park, Illinois.

The story reported that companies are enticing high school students to go to trade schools instead of college.

Nick Voigt, president of Metal Supermarkets, conducted a study of 500 student participants and found that two of three students were not aware or did not know enough about trade schools.

Half of the participants would rather become baristas in a coffee shop than welders who make $100,000 annually.

He found that 70% said that guidance counselors did not discuss the option.

Skilled trade jobs are now in crisis, according to that story.

With the workforce aging and nearing retirement age, young people are replacing them.

Large companies are currently providing internships to encourage juniors and seniors in high school to become machinists, plumbers, mechanics and electricians.

The trade industries hope to reverse how young people see trade careers.

Salaries have increased in trade jobs with some companies offering incentives such as benefit packages that traditionally were not available, according to the blog

Students coming out of local high schools should go to Alamo Colleges instead of entering a trade school.

My daughter graduated from a trade school. She was able to get a good paying job in phlebotomy, but she is trained only to do one task and her student loan debt is three times greater than mine is attending this college.

Not having an associate degree may leave her stagnate in her pay for future job opportunities., said students will have less adaptability and will be less flexible as future workers in the workforce if they don’t get a more well-rounded education.

This college has many opportunities to have the best of both worlds.

Alamo Colleges offers low tuition and a variety of degree and certificate programs. Some degrees are offered completely online for flexibility.

While I have chosen to seek an associate of arts degree and transfer to a senior institution to get a bachelor’s degree, my experience here has been incredibly well supported.

My advisers and professors have assisted me on my path to success, and, yes, I am getting a well-rounded education.

This college and the others in the district also offer two-year terminal degree programs leading to associate of applied science degrees — all at a much lower cost than trade schools and with the added bonus of some liberal arts classes.

So if learning a trade appeals to you, seek your adviser’s advice. If you’re enrolled here, you’re in the right place.


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