Advising department assists students with transfer plans

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Students can make appointments by visiting first floor of Moody or using ACES Portal.

By Michael W. Donoughue

Academic advisers are here to assist students as they progress through college and as they branch out with different educational goals.

One of the main things a student needs to do before they meet an academic adviser is to identify a transfer plan in advance, and to look at the individual success plans available on GPS.

Students can also look at transfer guides, which shows a university’s transfer plan for various degrees, and what classes a student can take before they can transfer or to complete an associate degree.

Bonita De Leon, the adviser for the creative and communication arts institute, said, “The amount of students assigned to an adviser varies depending on the advising area, but the goal is 350 students per adviser.”

To make an appointment with an adviser, students can contact the adviser by e-mail, or make an appointment with the front desk on the first floor of Moody Learning Center.

However, one of the newest ways that students can make an appointment is through the ACES Portal, which the advising department has been promoting.

“Students generally have three advising checkpoints, such as the advising PIN, which impacts registration and reminds students to come in for advising,” De Leon said.

Students should also visit an adviser each semester to update degree plans.

Students also are encouraged to learn how to contact their assigned adviser, whether by phone or e-mail.

Advisers also can help students connect with resources on campus, such as counseling and financial aid.

For more information, call 210-486-0334 or visit the advising office on the first floor in Moody.


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