Two-day interactive distracted driving event

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The Drink Effect pours on more than just drinking.

By Andrea M. Gonzalez

The Drink Effect is to show students what it feels like to be behind the wheel while under the influence.

Although the event may be focused on drinking and driving, it also brings focus to other distractions while driving.

“This one event is not just truly to bring alcohol awareness, it’s alcohol and distracted driving,” said Camille Piper, the college’s public health intern.

Camille was brought here to help out the community and meet its needs on different health topics.

The campus community has done research about what topics needed to be targeted towards students and distracted driving is one.

“Most students before they get to college, they have already experienced three or four drinking incidents, and drinking has become a lot more socially acceptable, so to show people how to enjoy this social acceptability but to do it responsibly and to give them a safe environment.”

The college partnered with U in the Driver Seat for this event which is sponsored by Texas A&M Transport Institute.

U in the Driver Seat is a program to raise awareness about distracted driving and talk about the risk factors when it comes to driving.

The event will have a virtual reality setting and a simulator setting because it has been proven that interactive events produce more longevity with students.

“So, instead of us reinventing the wheel and having to create a new campaign from scratch, we look to partner with campaigns that have had a success rate or are looking at how to bring awareness from a different perspective.”

The Drink Effect will take place from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Feb. 25 and 26 in Room 212 of the Student Advocacy Center.


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