Resources provided to smoothly transition students to remote learning

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“Transition to remote learning different but not overwhelming for campus IT,”
published April 6, the transition into remote learning has been a welcome change.

The Alamo Colleges have done a very good job providing the resources that students need to accomplish remote learning.

The problem that many students have faced with the transition to remote learning is that most students didn’t have access to internet or computers. Due to Covid-19,

Alamo Colleges have really stepped up their game and done what is necessary to supply the student body with laptops and low-cost internet.

They have even gone lengths to supply the food pantry with food kits for students struggling to feed themselves.

The learning platform has changed but it has been a smooth process. With Zoom, the communication application, students can now interact with the whole class and learn face-to-face, digitally.

This has changed how we thought learning must progress in the traditional atmosphere of learning.

With how well the transition has been, it might change the way all institutions deliver their lectures and exams in the future.

Emily Layer

pre-nursing sophomore


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