Removal of mascot, statues opens eyes to brighter future

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Re: “More than a mascot — how the ranger echoes a racist past” (June 30)

Our mascot, the ranger, I am sure represents a lot of various ideas and ideologies to a lot of different people, but unfortunately for some, our mascot is a representation and reminder of racist practices inflicted on their ancestors. 

Taking a step forward to reflect and remove such a mascot showcases the example of progressive and societal growth that has taken place within the last few generations, which is great. 

We as a society are still learning and correcting our past mistakes, such as the removal of statues across the country of old slave owners and bad politicians. This is no doubt one of those instances where we corrected a mistake and amended an old idea that someone like a Texas Ranger could represent anything other than the atrocity they were part of. 

With our eyes now open, we can see past the veil, right our wrongs and live to make the future a brighter and more inclusive place.

Diego Davalos

Biology Sophomore


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