Copyright Policy

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Copyright Policy for Photographs in The Ranger

The Ranger owns the copyright of its photos. Any form of duplication or reprint (including online) of photographs belonging to The Ranger is illegal without the written consent of The Ranger.

Organizations and individuals can request reprints of photographs from The Ranger after publication in The Ranger for personal collection. The Ranger does not allow Ranger photographs to be used in advertising settings or politically sensitive materials.

Only published photos from The Ranger will be available for request. The Ranger does not release any photographs that have not been published in The Ranger.

Policy on reprints on publication:
1.      Proper attribution is required when using photographs from The Ranger. The credit line should be in the form of “Photographer’s Name/The Ranger.” Credit lines are expected to be placed closely next to the photo whenever possible. A credit line that is showing on top of photos should not be cropped away and should remain visible at all times on the photos being used.

2.      Permission to use photographs from The Ranger is for one-time use only. Please contact The Ranger for permission for additional uses.

3.      Photographs in The Ranger are news photos. Users will respect the integrity of the photos. Photos from The Ranger are to be used “as is.” Changes may be made only in terms of size or slight adjustments in color, brightness and contrast to fit the user’s output requirement. Any manipulations that affect or alter the meaning of the content are prohibited.

4.      Cost for reprint varies depending on the audience size of requester.

Policy on personal collection:

Photos sized up to 8×10 inches can be purchased for $10 each; larger than 8×10 inches sell for $50.

The Ranger reserves the right to refuse to release any photo.

For information, call 210 486-1776.