Concealed carry on campus adds fuel to fire

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Re: “Potential for shootout outweighs benefits of guns on campus,” April 20


For three consecutive sessions of the Texas Legislature, students and university officials have opposed the bill of the legalization of possessing a gun on college campuses, but the question is why?

“The opposition of the bill isn’t just about the firearm, but also on trusting citizens with their God-given constitutional rights,” says Sen. Brian Birdwell.

So, should trust be the main reason why guns should be allowed on college campuses?

“Once again this is a bad idea,” says Marsha McCartney toward Birdwell’s views and other legislators who agree on having guns on college campuses.

These political differences on the allowance of guns on college campuses simply have arisen because of past events that have occurred over the years and common arguments that have been bought to the table, such as the escalation of violent crimes and that colleges are emotionally volatile environments.

The Virginia Tech massacre is just one of many horrible events that have occurred on college campuses up to today.

Gun violence on college campuses and around the world has always been a serious issue within society, and by passing a bill for students and faculty to be able to carry guns on campus would be somewhat adding “fuel to the fire.”

We, as a nation, all need to construct a safer alternative that works to keep ourselves, faculty and students safe during these unpredictable times we live in today.
Taylor White

Sport, Event and Tourism Management Junior, University of Texas at San Antonio


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