New president creates new hopes

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President open to more communication with faculty.

New  Northeast  Lakeview College  President  Veronica Garcia has promised to communicate with faculty, staff and students about what changes need to be made.

She has a lot of experience with working closely with students and faculty, as she was the president of student affairs at her former college, Paradise Valley Community College.

She oversaw student services, financial aid, admissions and enrollment plans at PVCC, which will hopefully give her an advantage when it comes to taking over Northeast Lakeview.

Her open and inviting attitude is a 180-degree flip from that of her predecessor, Dr. Craig Follins, who was removed as president because of abusive behavior toward staff.

When Follins arrived, the first thing he did was move administrative offices to better suit his needs.

With Garcia’s positive attitude, wealth of experience and stated eagerness to speak to faculty, we are hoping to see positive changes around Northeast Lakeview.

With Garcia taking over, the accreditation issue may finally have a solution.

As long as Garcia can avoid any of the violations of the past SACSCOC is looking for, Northeast Lakeview can finally become an accredited college.

After the college becomes accredited, Garcia can turn her attention to building industry and workforce development.

These classes could be formed to prepare students for jobs available in San Antonio.

Garcia also has the opportunity to improve public transportation to Northeast Lakeview.

Currently, VIA Metropolitan Transit routes do not reach the campus because it is located in the Live Oak and Converse area.

This makes it difficult for some students to attend the college.

Surely there is something a dedicated leader can do to fill this void.

We would like to see Garcia work with the community and the transportation service to bring transportation to that area.

This college has offered shuttle service from time to time when parking situations demanded it.

Why not consider a shuttle to bridge the gap in bus service?

With Garcia taking over, Northeast Lakeview could have a bright future just over the horizon.


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