Leslie Sachanowicz, St. Mary’s University law professor

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Why are you applying for the District 9 position?

Sachanowicz said he thinks his experience as an educator qualifies him for the position. He said he spent more than 20 years teaching state and federal government at this college and St. Philip’s College.

What qualifications do you have that make you a valuable candidate?

Sachanowicz said he understands the demographics of the classroom because he had students ranging from 18-58.

He said he is capable of being sympathetic to students’ experiences.

Sachanowicz said his master’s in public administration could help him in terms of policy and governmental issues, financial issues and bigger topics outside of line-item issues.

What makes you a good representative of the constituents of District 9?

Sachanowicz said the demographics of District 9 are “all over the page.”

He said some constituents in District 9 are economically successful, while others are struggling.

Sachanowicz said he has been through both economic situations, having emigrated to Quebec, Canada, from Poland when he was 6 years old.

He said this is his third country, and he can represent the struggles that different people in District 9 may be experiencing.

How closely have you followed the board of trustees, and how well do you feel they function?

Sachanowicz said he follows the board a little bit, and he knows there are big growth needs on the Northwest Side of this city. He predicted the Schertz and Cibolo areas will also grow rapidly and will need to expand to serve virtual and in-class students.

Sachanowicz said he thinks the board does a good job servicing the needs of students, admitting everyone has different perspectives and are entitled to them.

Have you enrolled in any classes in the Alamo Colleges?

Sachanowicz said he might have taken a photography class as a hobby.

What are issues you are concerned about that you would like to see addressed by the board? Any special interest in the two colleges in your district?

Sachanowicz said young people do not want to pursue the traditional college path, so the question is how to create a new college path.

He said employers’ needs have changed, but more and more people are hirable with an associate degree instead of needing to transfer to a four-year university.

Sachanowicz said he sees several students that are not engaged. He said it is important to engage students with campus activities.

He said it is easy to get a degree online, but it prevents students from developing a sense of community.

How did you find out about the District 9 vacancy and application? Were you approached by a current board member? How do you know them?

Sachanowicz said he learned of the vacancy and application from the Alamo Colleges advertisement in the San Antonio Express-News.

He checked the website to review the board’s committees and found the late District 9 trustee Jim Rindfuss oversaw the legal affairs committee. He said, being a lawyer, he could be an asset as chair of that committee.


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