National Society of Leadership and Success hosts biannual orientation Jan. 24

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Psychology freshman Molly Judson is photographed by her mother, Mary Judson, in celebration of being inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success Jan. 24 in McAllister. Lorena Torres Romero

Out of 60 new members who attended the orientation, about 35 were early college high school students.

Shamona Wali

This college’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success welcomed in about 60 new members during their biannual orientation Jan. 24 in Loftin Student Center.

Club adviser Mark Bigelow, interim director and coordinator of student success, spoke about what National Society of Leadership and Success entails and what new members should expect this semester.

“This organization helps students create goals for themselves and helps determine how to achieve those goals,” Bigelow said. “There’s all kinds of organizations related to leadership, but ours goes in depth and gives students the tools to achieve their highest potentials.”

Students who attended the orientation were invited primarily based on their grade-point average. In order to join, students must have a 3.0 grade-point average or higher. Dual credit and early college high school students were also invited to join.

Out of the 60 new members who attended the orientation, about 35 of them were early college high school students.

“I think that I’ll definitely learn a thing or two about leadership and I also think that it’ll be beneficial during my college applications,” dual credit high school senior Martin Apopot said.

“Being a part of an organization such as this one would be also great for leadership and team work experience that I could carry on into my college career,”

Students who wish to join the organization have to pay a one-time fee of $85. If they do transfer to another college or university with a chapter, their membership will remain valid.

“What’s great about this organization is that it connects you to all kinds of contacts from across the nation,” Janane Johnson, coordinator of college risk management said.

“There are over 829,000 members at 604 colleges nation wide and there are times where we can actually interact with one another during our annual conventions.”

Aside from the tools students are given to improve their leadership skills and achieve their goals; members are eligible for scholarships; letters of recommendation; an online job bank; nation wide networking events; personal professional coaching; and membership discounts on computers, textbooks, prep courses and more.

“Although the orientation and induction ceremony have passed, students can still join the organization and attend the next orientation and induction ceremony which will be held next semester,” Bigelow said.

For more information, contact Mark Bigelow at 210-486-0134.


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