New children’s library coming in spring to Moody Learning Center

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Students with small children will have a place where they can study and work on assignments.

By Janie Medelez

The third floor of Moody Learning Center will have a children’s library for students with small children in the spring semester.

Library Director Johnathan Wilson said Sept. 28 the library will devote a section to children’s books but will have furniture for children and adults.

The children’s area will have wall-mounted child activities boards, dry erase whiteboards and mobile book carts for story time.

The children’s library also will have two study rooms with adult computers on a first-come-first-served basis.

Wilson said he does not know yet what section of the library on the third floor will become the children’s library. He said the area would have its own entrance.

Wilson said one of the challenges is designing a hybrid study space beneficial for both.

He is working with a committee of early childhood studies faculty and librarians.

Dr. Stella Lovato, vice president of college services, said in a phone interview Oct. 4, “I’m excited to see the children’s library come to fruition.”

She sees the children’s library as opportunity for students to connect with their children and provide an environment that gives quality time with parents by grabbing a book and having story time.

The library will survey students areas for suggestions for the children’s library.

The overall incentive for establing the children’s library experience is to create a curiosity, fun, relaxed place where children are exposed to a higher education environment so they can start thinking about a college education, she said.

The children’s library vision was introduced by the late Dr. Alice Johnson, director of library services, who passed away in 2015.

“Reading was her life and she thought that everyone should have the opportunity to read,” said Allan Johnson, Johnson’s son, in an obituary in The Ranger Aug. 21, 2015.

The library is increasing the collection of new children’s book by 90 percent and will incorporate the library’s existing inventory of children’s books.

Children will not be allowed in the library without parental supervision. Students will still need to watch and be responsible for their own children, Wilson said.


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