Windows in McCreless Hall will make building more energy-efficient

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Faculty parking lot between McCreless and McAllister is closed for window project.

By Regis L. Roberts

McCreless Hall is getting a new look for the summer.
Facilities project manager Louis Kreusel said work started Jan. 21 on replacing the windows in McCreless with energy-efficient ones.
John Strybos, associate vice chancellor of facilities, said new blinds will add to efficiency.
The new windows are not just an improvement on energy but the previous windows also were old and ugly, Kreusel said.
William Pugh, contractor for Pugh Constructors Inc., said the windows are made with low-E glass, meaning the glass is insulated with a thin coating of material that keeps heat out.
The new windows are double-paned and, unlike the old windows, are made with one, long panel of glass filling the entire frame.
Because of this design, the new windows do not open.
Progress is already apparent, with new windows on all sides of McCreless’ first floor that are darker than those on the second floor that have not yet been replaced.
Pugh said the job is scheduled to continue through June 13 and work is staying on schedule and budget.
Pugh Constructors works 10 hour shifts Monday through Thursday at night so as not to disturb classes.
The contract was awarded to Pugh Constructors Inc. which submitted a bid of $810,000 Nov. 13 with an $81,000 contingency.
A contingency is money set aside in case a project needs additional funds because of unforeseen events, such as adverse weather conditions.
Pugh Constructors’ bid was the second-lowest for the project, with 3TI Inc. bidding $717,564.
Pugh’s ranking with the district was better, however, with a score of 74.19 compared with 3TI’s score of 70.84.
These scores are based on price, the contractors’ past performance and their project management experience, Strybos said.
So far, only work on the first floor has been started.
There are sheets of wood covering random frames on all sides of the building where work still needs to be done.
Pugh said the company will be working on the entrances of McCreless during spring break.
After spring break, work will be started on the second floor, he said.
The faculty parking lot between McCreless and McAllister Fine Arts Center is closed for construction purposes, Kreusel said. The area is being used by Pugh to prepare and stage the window frames for the replacement windows.


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