Be observant

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Students need to keep their eyes and ears open.

How many students know about The Ranger? KSYM? OrgSync?

Websites like these, as well as the school’s website at, keep students informed about what is going on in the college.

For those into social media, check this school’s Facebook page at, Twitter account at and YouTube account at

Who said being in the know is not cool?

Campus organizations, the office of student life and the theatre program post posters on upcoming plays and events on bulletin boards around campus.

ACES email is also a way to stay informed.

Campus crime alerts, scholarship information and weekly notifications for upcoming events are sent through ACES email.

If necessary, the emergency notification system sends messages by voice, text or email.

Verify phone numbers, addresses and personal emails in ACES.

Whether you read bulletin boards or check the campus Facebook page daily, there are many ways to stay informed.

Attend events, interact with other students and check social media sites for important information.

You don’t want to be like the students who lost out on $2,500 scholarships this fall because they didn’t respond to email.

Now that is not cool.


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