Faculty Senate focuses on technology trouble

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Members of Faculty Senate voiced frustration with a variety of tech problems, cuts in course sections and the one-textbook policy in courses across the district. The senate met Wednesday in the visual arts center for its monthly meeting.

Senators discussed increase in class size here and the attendant disparity in pay with faculty at other district colleges with smaller classes. Senators renewed a lament of the slow death of tenure and displacement of the college seal.

Technology complaints included student ACES email landing in faculty junk folders and adding a second email login; the continued lack of access to campus Wi-Fi and insufficient expansion plans; and resistance to added faculty Canvas training for standardizing courses and a 10- to 12-hour training for students for online courses.

Faculty rejected a biometric identification verification for online students as ineffective and unnecessary.

District suggestion plan manager James Searles and Carlos Escobar, human resources organizational development analyst, presented on Alamo Ideas, a virtual suggestion box. Senators complained a slow response time discouraged submissions.


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