Early voting, student trustee on board agenda

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Board meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday in Killen Center.

By Katherine Garcia

The board of trustees will decide whether this college will be an early voting site at its regular monthly meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday in Room 101 of Killen Center, 201 W. Sheridan.

New business on the agenda is the possible approval of a joint election agreement with other entities for the May 10 trustee election.

The board will also decide whether this college will be an early voting site. Early voting is April 23- May 6.

Trustees up for re-election to six-year terms are District 4 Trustee Marcelo Casillas, District 8 Trustee Gary Beitzel and District 9 Trustee James Rindfuss.

Also up for approval is the addition of a student trustee to the board. If approved, the search for a student trustee would be Feb. 19- March 31 by Student Government Associations at Alamo Colleges.

The position would be nonvoting and the student trustee would serve a one-year term.

One candidate would be chosen per college and reviewed by the board in April and should be sworn in by May.

The board will also consider whether a revenue-generating Saudia Arabia venture will go forward at the meeting.

Instructors from the Alamo Colleges would teach a variety of programs at a technical-vocational training institute in Saudi Arabia.

If approved for further consideration, the proposal then would be submitted to the March 18 standing committee meetings in Killen Center.

The board also will decide whether to award a yearly $58,631 contract to 1-2-1 Claims, Incorporated for Workers Compensation Third Party Administrator Services.

A $96,000 contract with Marathon Technologies Incorporated (MTI) for the purchase of Instructional Services for Software Developer Training Program is up for approval.

The program would be for USAA employees and would become the property of the Alamo Colleges.

People who want to address the board can sign up for the citizens-to-be heard portion of the meeting 5 p.m.-5:50 p.m. Speakers are limited to three minutes.

For information, call 210-485-0030.


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