District requisitions office space in Koehler

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By Ian Coleman and Bleah B. Patterson


The Alamo Colleges Foundations, a district- run department for non-profit revenue, scholarships and donations, moved out of Killen Center and into Koehler Cultural Center on Wednesday.

This college’s institutional advancement staff in charge of student and departmental grants for this college, was moved mid-August from Koehler into Room 012 in Chance Academic Center, scholarship Coordinator Irene C. Fuentes said.

Fuentes said institutional advancement was moved because the Alamo Colleges Foundation raises money for scholarships and Koehler is an ideal place for donors to visit.

David Mrizek, vice president of college services, echoed Fuentes saying the Alamo Colleges Foundation was moving into Koehler.

Alamo Colleges Foundation is a “separate and distinct entity,” Mrizek said. They raise money for the Alamo Community College District, and they handle donations to the district.

Jim Eskin, executive director of district institutional advancement, said “The purpose of the (Alamo Colleges Foundation) is to build relationships with donors to culminate scholarships and gifts for the community college district.”

According to the center’s website, Koehler was deeded to the San Antonio Union Junior College District in 1971 by Otto and Marcia Koehler.

The Junior College District and the San Antonio Art League operated it as an art center for the San Antonio area until 1978, when the name of the district was changed to San Antonio Community College District, Mario Muñiz, director of district public relations, said after consulting with the district’s attorneys Wednesday.

Muñiz said in 1982 the district’s name was changed to the Alamo Community College District and as such, it maintained control of Koehler, and maintains it still.

This allows the board to make legal decisions as they see fit to benefit the district as a whole, Muñiz said.

Fuentes said only the office space on the second floor will be occupied by the office of institutional advancement.

“It’s my understanding students will have all of the access they have right now,” Fuentes said.

According to an email from Mrizek, foundation staff has reorganized and there is no longer space at Sheridan Street to house the foundation personnel.

In an assessment of available suitable locations for the foundation, the Koehler house was identified as a possible location.

Discussions were held between former President Robert Zeigler, President Robert Vela, Chancellor Bruce Leslie and Eskin about the feasibility and impacts of relocating the foundation to the Koehler house.

The foundation and its board agreed the move is in the best interest of Alamo Colleges.

John Strybos, associate vice chancellor of facilities operations and construction management, confirmed Koehler Cultural Center will still be open to the public, and the move will not affect activities planned there.

Eskin said the staff of institutional advancement “greatly appreciates (this college) giving the house to them, and plans to make the most of this gift.”


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