Student life will reintroduce student ambassador program in fall

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Joseph Leidecke, coordinator of student success

The stipend for ambassadors has not been announced yet.

 By Shamona Wali

The office of student life will reintroduce this college’s Student Ambassador Program in fall.

Established in 2011, ambassadors were established to provide service hours to this college by promoting involvement, encouragement and assistance to new, current and prospective students.

Ambassadors can be requested to provide welcoming tours to visitors during public events, to assist with and to organize campus wide activities and to provide student input and perspective.

Adviser Joseph Liedecke, coordinator of student success, wants to see the ambassador program reestablished to provide another resource for public events, help organize activities and provide student input and perspective.

“The last time we had this program was 2014-2015,” Liedecke said in an interview March 7.

“It’s great to have a team of students who are ready to provide services to any on-campus activities, and it also helps organizations have a resource to go to if they need any kind of assistance with their own activities and events,” Liedecke said.

According to the Alamo Colleges webpage for the Student Ambassador Program, student applicants must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher, be available for training, meetings, special events and programs and be responsive to email or voice communication within the designated time.

“Ambassadors also receive incentives after they’ve completed more than 40 hours of volunteering services to the college,” Bianca Sapet, coordinator of student success, said in an interview Feb. 28.

 “The ambassadors also have a stipend, but this has not yet been determined,” Sapet said.

For more information, call Liedecke at 210-486-0137 or Sapet at 210-486-0125.


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