Rented equipment due Dec. 12

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IT specialist Nestor Rivera demonstrates how to return equipment rented this fall from the Office of Technology Services Dec 3. Equipment available next semester includes computers, iPads and hotspots.
“The process to return the equipment is almost the same procedure you take when you rent out items on our website,” Rivera said. The first step involves visiting, clicking the top right purple tab labeled “equipment return dates by semester” and filling out a form to set up an appointment time and date of return.
On the assigned appointment time and date, head to Room 200A of Moody with a student ID and wait while the OTS staff reviews the items for any missing pieces or damages. If there are no problems with the equipment, the process is finished, and a return receipt will be emailed to ACES within 48 hours. If there are problems with the equipment, staff has a form to fill out for the items and consequences could follow for the damages.
OTS service center hours of operation are 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. The last day to return equipment is Dec. 12, the last day of the fall semester. However, Rivera says they will accept items on Dec. 14, since the last day falls on the weekend. Rocky Garza Jr.


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