Four colleges show enrollment decline

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By Kathya Anguiano 

Despite Alamo Colleges initiatives to increase enrollment, there was still a decline in this year’s headcount.

After marketing campaigns, advertising in newspapers and recruitment efforts, it is clear that it was not just student disinterest that affected preliminary numbers.

In fall 2012, this college had a headcount of 19,640 students, not including Flex 2, which is counted with spring semester numbers.

St. Philip’s College enrolled 10,313 students, Palo Alto College had 8,568 students, Northwest Vista College had 15,992 students and Northeast Lakeview College had 5,322.

Only one college’s numbers increased this year. They all seemed to decrease with this college at 19,442 students, St. Philip’s at 10,245, Palo Alto at 8,443, Northwest Vista at 15,970 and Northeast Lakeview at 5,405.

“We had looked into these numbers as well, and we saw that it’s not just a state trend for enrollment decrease but a national trend,” said Dr. Thomas Cleary, vice chancellor for planning, performing and information systems.

Cleary said since the state was put on a “revenue diet” of almost $50 million, the amount of revenue for the district went from 43 percent in the year of 2002 to 25 percent for the fiscal year of 2013.

Because of these education cuts, Alamo district was forced to limit section offerings.

However, Cleary believes the decrease in enrollment is because more jobs are available; therefore, students are entering the workforce.

“As a district, the last thing we want to cut is student course sections and offer less because we cannot afford to offer anymore,” Cleary said.

Cleary said students attending school are doing the best they’ve done with attending class, completing assignments and keeping passing grades.

The productive grade rates increased from fall 2010 at 72.6 percent to fall 2012 at 76.2 percent and course completion grades increased from fall 2010 at 86.9 percent to fall 2012 at 89.9 percent.

Cleary declaims, “It’s just sad to have motivated students while receiving deep cuts from the state.”

Alamo Colleges Enrollment

            F2012      F2013

SAC   19,640     19,442

SPC   10,313      10,245

PAC   8,568       8,443

NVC   15,992     15,970

NLC   5,322       5,405


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