Student Government Association and risk management introduce active shooter training session

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An active shooter demonstration File

First active shooter training session will be 10-11 a.m. Feb. 6 in Room 201 of chemistry and geology.

Shamona Wali

After the shooting at First Baptist Church in rural Sutherland Springs, Student Government Association officers were inspired to introduce active shooter training sessions at this college.

The sessions are intended to help students learn how to respond during an active shooting.

 “With the help of the SAC risk management team and Dr. Vela, we were able to plan active shooter training sessions,” SGA President Kayla Salwey, political science sophomore, said during an interview Feb 1.

Crime prevention Officer Christopher Fairbanks and Janae Johnson, coordinator of college risk management are leading the training sessions. The first session is 10-11 a.m. Feb. 6 in Room 201 of the chemistry and geology builging. Additional sessions will be 10-11 a.m in Room 201 of the chemistry and geology building Feb. 13, 16, 26; March 27 and April 6, 10 and 17.

“Thanks to the Alamo Colleges police department and the SAC risk management team, all sessions will be free of charge,” SGA Parliamentarian Jennifer Ybarra, biology sophomore, said Feb 1.

“I think that this would be very beneficial to students on campus considering the fact that this is becoming a common thing we see on a day-to-day basis,” Ybarra said. “Another thing that’s great is that we are the only campus in Alamo Colleges who now have any form of active shooting training sessions and we want to keep this going for many years to come.”

According to non-profit organization Every Town for Gun Safety, 14 shootings have occurred on school campuses across the United States as of Feb. 1.

For further information, email Janae Johnson at


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  1. Paul Andrew Enriquez on

    In 2014 a man whom I knew pointed a gun at me with the intention to end my life, but, he felt ashamed I suppose because he put the gun down and walked away. A few days later I made the decision to take self defense classes at Krav-Maga STW on Crossroads and the NRA certified trainers helped me and are still helping me very much!

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