Give trailblazing women their due

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While it is great that the college is celebrating the lives of significant women with Women’s History Week, it should be noted that Congress proclaimed Women’s History Month in 1987.
So why is the college only presenting a week of events when both St. Philip’s and Palo Alto colleges give their students a month of events?
We’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with those colleges being led by women presidents.
But why shortchange the history of half the population? Wasn’t the observation instituted to rectify that oversight in the first place?
Everyone may know the achievements of Lucille Ball and Katharine Hepburn in entertainment, Maya Angelou and Emily Dickinson in literature and Susan B. Anthony in women’s rights.
It’s only been recently that Anthony’s story has been told in history textbooks.
But how many know Anthony’s friend and fellow suffrage leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton?
In 1848, she helped organize the first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls, N.Y., where she drafted a declaration of sentiments stating that men and women are created equal and demanded, for the first time in public, that women should have the right to vote.
Maybe next year, the college will pay tribute for a whole month.


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