Do you know your civic responsibility?

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Illustration by Estefania B. Alonso

This college will host an event about politics and immigration for DREAMers.

By Sasha D. Robinson

The office of civic engagement will host “What is Your Civic Responsibility?” at noon March 30 in the Fiesta Room of Loftin Student Center.

The office and MOVE San Antonio inform students of the importance of voting and localized voting statistics and have a conversation with students about the current political climate since the election of President Donald J. Trump.

MOVE stands for Mobility, Organize, Vote and Empower.

MOVE SA promotes local civic engagement by using live video streaming technology to create online forums for community conversations about quality of life, neighborhood news, culture, social justice, equality, human rights and government accountability and transparency.

Students who may be most affected under the new administration are the Dreamers, students who have come from other countries who are currently in school and fearful of being deported because of the immigration climate.

Dreamers are able to go to school through the DREAM Act or Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors.

There is a fear that undocumented immigrants are going to be deported for not being  citizens of this country.

The previous presidential administration deported people with serious criminal records.

“The fear is that any undocumented immigrant who is found is going to be deported, from someone who is a mass murderer or has a parking ticket,” Mariano Aguilar Jr., Mexican-American Studies instructor, said.

According to, the Dream Act addresses the plight of young undocumented immigrants growing up in the United States who wish to go to college and obtain lawful employment.

After obtaining a high school diploma or GED, recipients have a pathway to U.S. citizenship through college or armed services.

The office of civic engagement conducts a similar session each school semester.

For more Information, call the civic engagement office at 210-486-0137, email or visit Room D403 of portable building 19 from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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