Prioritize gun safety

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Law allows concealed carry on campus with exceptions.

Effective Aug. 1, all two-year colleges in Texas must allow an individual with a concealed handgun license to carry a loaded weapon on campus.

The state also prohibits colleges from bypassing the law by saying all buildings are off limits.

Instead, administrators can determine certain sensitive areas or buildings off limits.

The college does not have enough police protection to begin with. Roughly two to four officers are patrolling our very large campus at any time.

The idea that an armed member of the community could provide protection isn’t supported by law enforcement.

Officers don’t want civilians interfering in dangerous situations.

The limitless possibilities that can occur have caused concern among many people.

Many times the owner of the gun is the problem.

So how about offering a few activities that might be useful?

This college can offer anger management classes to prevent someone from getting too heated or upset in a difficult situation. Many people react without thinking when they’re angry.

Perhaps provide self-defense courses. Should students find themselves with a gun in their face they should be able to protect themselves.

There also should be an event to teach people how to de-escalate a situation or how to manage a risky situation. If someone is in a situation where things are getting out of hand, they could use these skills to protect themselves and others.

Students shouldn’t have to pay for any of these resources. Students didn’t choose to allow guns on campus. They definitely didn’t choose to feel unsafe.

The college has a responsibility to protect and make students feel safe.

It’s a law we have to live with for now, but everything we can do to keep the college community safe is worth doing.


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